Thursday, October 19, 2006

Working World Woes

I came to Toledo thinking I could easily start working.


What with my broken arm making things difficult and the fact that I have to compete for jobs with a slew of laid-off factory workers, so far all I've been able to get are temp jobs.

Which are all well and good, but I'd really like to have some dependable income.

Besides, with being in a string of temp jobs, I get kind of confused when I'm answering the phone in a sleepy stretch of midafternoon: "Good afternoon, um, uh... where am I again?"

At this job, though, there is actually nothing for me to do between phone calls. They just can't leave the phone and the front desk unmanned while someone's out on medical leave. So hey, I get to study at work and not get in trouble.


Beth said...

Oh, the worst temp stint I ever had was a day covering the phones for Bunch of Random Initials Corporation. You were supposed to say something like, "Good morning, it's a beautiful day at {Insert Bunch of Random Initials Here}, what can I do to help you today?"

I didn't get it right once.

martie said...'re getting paid to study! Can't beat that....'cept the darn phone rings and interrupts you, huh? Hugs and I'm sure something will come along.