Saturday, January 20, 2007

Paranormal Pienomenon

Today, I took a nap. While I was asleep, Casey kindly took it upon himself to mix up the filling for the instant chocolate cream pie I'd bought last night.

Even more kindly, he left the bowl with the filling remains along with a spoon sitting on my nightstand, so I could have a lovely chocolatey treat as soon as I woke up.

However, for the first split second when I open my eyes, I really can't focus at all. The mixing bowl Casey used happened to be metal.

So, since I was lying on my side facing the nightstand, the first thing I saw upon waking was a big shiny metal thing.

Naturally, as anyone's would be, my first thought was, "Hey, cool! A UFO!"
What do you mean, that wouldn't be your first thought?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hockey, Football, and Other Stuff

I have noticed something very interesting.

Tirithien is learning about hockey. He watches games with me, observes, and takes a genuine interest. He has even been looking things up on his own-- there have been times this season when he's known the stats and standings better than I have!

This may seem like a very small thing, but I've never had a boyfriend who took an interest in ANY of my interests before, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

It's not just hockey, either. It's what I learn at school or in my readings, what I did at work, music I like to sing, and anything else which might catch my eye. It's a strange phenomenon, but it's definitely a worthwhile one.

Of course fair is fair, so in exchange for hockey, I've been learning about college football from Tirithien.

The fun thing is when one of us gets crossed up in our sports and starts yelling insults from the wrong sport at the TV.

Tonight is the BCS championship game, the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Florida Gators, and as much as it pains a Michigan girl like me to do so, I have to pull for the Buckeyes in this one. (even though one of my cousins thinks I'm a traitor now!) Aside from the idea of rooting for the team from the same conference as U of M (kind of like family members, in a weird NCAA way), I lived in Florida when I was a kid. But I hated the Gators and their garish orange and blue colors. I pulled for Florida State! So, between rooting for the Big 10 and against the Gators, I am wearing a gray shirt today. No scarlet to be found, though. I can only go so far. ;-)

The new semester starts today. I am registered for 2 classes but can only afford one, so since I can add/drop with no penalty this week, I'm going to go to both and see which one I like better! One is the History of Europe in the 14th and 15th Centuries, and the other is American Intellectual History. They're on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.