Saturday, January 20, 2007

Paranormal Pienomenon

Today, I took a nap. While I was asleep, Casey kindly took it upon himself to mix up the filling for the instant chocolate cream pie I'd bought last night.

Even more kindly, he left the bowl with the filling remains along with a spoon sitting on my nightstand, so I could have a lovely chocolatey treat as soon as I woke up.

However, for the first split second when I open my eyes, I really can't focus at all. The mixing bowl Casey used happened to be metal.

So, since I was lying on my side facing the nightstand, the first thing I saw upon waking was a big shiny metal thing.

Naturally, as anyone's would be, my first thought was, "Hey, cool! A UFO!"
What do you mean, that wouldn't be your first thought?


martie said...

That would have been my second thought! LOL My first thought would have been 'what in the world is the dog's water dish doing in here?'

Bougie Black Boy said...

you are out of control! And this is why you are the next L. Ron Hubbard.

naneth said...

Actually, I think you've been watching a little too much MST3K!