Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving, the way it should be

1. Sleep until around 10:30.
2. Go back to sleep for a little longer while cuddling husband.
3. Get up and shower while husband starts preparing ingredients for stuffing.
4. Note as sausage smell wafts into the shower that the smell of sausage cooking could probably be used to wake coma patients.
5. Go see if husband needs help with stuffing. He doesn't.
6. Eat light lunch while watching football.
7. Doze on couch while watching football.
8. Do prep work for random dishes while husband wrestles 11 pound turkey from slippery sweet brine into roasting pan and slides pan into oven. (I did offer to help, by the way.)
9. Wash dishes used so far so there won't be so many to do later. Also so we can all have matching plates at dinner.
10. Put together macaroni and cheese casserole to bake later.
11. Cut canned cranberry sauce into rounds, put in refrigerator.
12. Smell turkey.
13. Doze on the couch and watch more football.
14. Slice potatoes after husband peels and rinses them. Boil, mash with butter and milk.
15. Watch while husband pulls turkey from oven. Ooh and aah at its lovely golden appearance when the foil comes off.
16. Put macaroni and cheese and stuffing pans into oven for 30 minutes.
17. Catch up on dishes again.
18. Let in-laws in when they show up with rolls and pies. (Pumpkin AND chocolate!)
19. Enjoy wonderfully juicy turkey that doesn't even need to be squished through cranberry sauce while having nice, tension-free dinner conversation.
20. Eat pie.
21. Watch hockey. Attempt to explain hockey to in-laws.
22. Watch father-in-law become mesmerized by lava lamp.
23. Divide up leftovers so in-laws can go home before father-in-law is too sleepy/mesmerized to drive.
24. Finish watching hockey game with husband.
25. Decide to leave the rest of the dishes for the morning.
26. Take hot bubble bath.
27. Sleep!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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martie said...

Sounds like the loveliest, quiet Thanksgiving I can only dream off!