Monday, July 31, 2006

Apartment Pictures!

Well, we don't have it all organized quite the way we want yet, but it at least looks like a home now instead of a collection of boxes, so I thought I'd take some pictures to share! So let's start the grand tour, shall we?

Here is the living room. The dresser which is doubling as an entertainment center was made by my stepdad, and I think it may be the most awesome dresser in existence. The quilt which is serving as the tablecloth was made by my great-grandma.
Another angle of living room. The coffee table, by the way, is actually an ancient steamer trunk which belonged to Tirithien's grandparents.
And one more living room shot. I figured I should show off my huge collection of Red Wings bobblehead guys, who now have Tirithien's two U of Toledo bobbleheads to keep them company.The dining room, which is the messiest room as of yet, since the table just makes such a good place to put random things we aren't sure where else to put. I realize that a milk can is not the traditional method of storing hockey sticks, but it just seems to work. The kitchen. So many cabinets! The stove now has a sign over it that proclaims it to be an Area 51 Top Secret Research Facility.
The all-important bathroom. If you look carefully, you can see me trying to keep my reflection out of the picture and not succeeding! Here is our office/study/computer room. We can both be online at the same time!
Here's the closet of the study (okay, it's technically a bedroom, if you ask the people in the apartment office), which has been filled with bookcases. The laundry room, conveniently doubling as a walk-in closet off the bedroom. No more lugging laundry up and down multiple flights of stairs! Our nice, comfy bed. The bedroom from another angle. Apparently Winnie the Pooh wants to be Indiana Jones when he grows up. He's a very silly bear.


martie said...

Oh, thanks for sharing these pics of your new home. It makes me feel like I really got to come and see it! Bless you both in your new place and wishing you much happiness! (Unpacking is as bad as packing up, huh?)

naneth said...

It's SO nice! Looks like home. I wish you all the happiness in the world there, in a whole 'nuther state. I'm looking forward to taking a trip "down South" to see your new apartment!

I love you, Honey!

Beth said...

Congratulations on the nice homey new apartment! I am so envious of your kitchen cabinets and the washer and dryer in the apartment.

Enjoy your new home!

naive-no-more said...

I've missed so much in my absence. You moved in together!!!!??

This seems like a ton of room for an apartment. Congratulations. Have fun getting organized.

Bougie Black Boy said...

VERY nice... i'm impressed.... better than mine! LOL