Thursday, February 01, 2007

Employment Comedy of Errors

Okay, so, yesterday was supposed to be the last day of my temp assignment. I had been a good little temp and notified the agency that the job was ending.

Yesterday morning they called and let me know they had already set me up with an interview for today. Not bad, maybe I wouldn't be unemployed for months on end this time!

A couple of hours later, my assignment supervisor called me down to his office and told me that the department had JUST been assigned a new project which would require extra help, so they'd like to keep me around if possible. Now, I am perfectly fine with this; the commute is slightly longer than it would be for the other job (and having the MLK Bridge downtown closed makes it a true pain in the arse), but I'd certainly rather take a sure-thing job for 2 months than take a chance on getting or not getting a 1 month assignment. So we decided that I would still go to the interview, just in case. Meanwhile, he would contact my temp agency and see if they had to negotiate a new contract or anything like that, since it would be a different job function and might require a different pay rate. I was figuring on being gone for a few days, then coming back once it was all figured out.

Just as I was getting my coat out of the closet to go home that afternoon, the boss came running down the hallway to find me. He'd been on the phone with my agency. They'd canceled the interview for me, and everything was all set, and I could just come in today like usual. Great! No break in employment!

(I sure could have used a couple of days sleep, though! Oh well and alas, at least I'm getting paid.)


martie said...

Good for you, Bainwen! When you do a good job, they like to keep you if possible when you're a temp. I know, because I use to be one of the interviewers/testers/employment counselors at a temp agency back in my working days!

naneth said...

Woo Hoo! That's great news! I'm so glad you don't have to be starting yet another new job for awhile. That can be so nerve-wracking. =o)

Bougie Black Boy said...

awesome. seems like things are moving up and up for you...