Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tackiness Abounds

Item 1: A Kroger commercial. "Shop Kroger for all your Lenten family needs!" They then proceed to list such things on sale this week as steaks, pork chops, and roast beef. Are they just trying to rub it in the Catholics' faces, or what?

Item 2: Another Kroger commercial. "Kroger, your official Black History Month grocery store!"
Insert your own joke here.
For that matter, let me go on record here as saying that Black History Month, Women's History Month, et. al. are not just tacky, they are ignorant. History would make a whole lot more sense if it were integrated, don't you think?

Item 3: KFC asked the Pope to bless the fish sandwiches they will be selling during Lent. Sigh.

Item 4: This.


martie said...

You're right...tackiness at it's best....or worst!

Bougie Black Boy said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!! lol i love it.

clew said...

I'm with ya.

How've you been? I took a hiatus but am trying to return to blogging. Hope you and Casey have been well!

Loved the chocolate pudding story :)~ -

naneth said...

Excellent! Sorry it took so long for me to find this! My pc is being very naughty. This cracks me up. It's sad, but funny cuz it's so true!

naneth said...

You aren't blogging much lately. Why? Too much else going on, I'm sure. I miss reading your "musings".