Monday, September 10, 2007


At least a partial one.

I really wish I had not posted the previous post. I suppose I could delete it, but since it's been up for awhile and people have read it, I really don't want to do the 1984-style revisionist history thing.

It seems there are not physics/astronomy classes that can be taken at night, nor math classes of the level I'd need. So for now I'm still in the history program. I will probably stay with it; I'm SO close to being qualified for admission to the full Master's degree program, and I'm not quite willing to give that up!

So for this semester, I have American Indian History on Tuesdays and Early Middle Ages on Thursdays. Do you realize, there was a guy in the Early Middle Ages class who got offended that the prof was mentioning Jesus and the church in that historical context? It's kind of hard to learn early medieval history without hearing about the church!


martie said...

Not too worry.....maybe next time you can get the classes you want at night! No retraction ROCK, girl! Hugs ♥

Bougie Black Boy said...

haven't been over here in a while... good to see you're more consistant than me!