Saturday, November 29, 2008

NHL + Thanksgiving + Delirium

Last night, I was taking a break from writing a horrible, hateful, won't-come-together, can't-motivate-myself paper (which is due Monday!) to sprawl on the couch and watch the Red Wings play the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Apparently writer's block can manifest itself in horrible puns.

"Hey," I said to Casey, "do you know what the Blue Jackets had for Thanksgiving dinner?"

He looked over at me.

"Nashed potatoes!" I exclaimed.

Casey sighed.

A few minutes later, I said, "Do you know what the Dallas Stars had for Thanksgiving dinner?"


"Roast Turco!"

He sighed again.

I thought about that one, and then said, "Actually, since it's Texas, they may have had deep-fried Turco, or maybe barbeque Turco."

"Maybe," said Casey.

A few minutes later, I asked, "So, do you know what the Nashville Predators had for Thanksgiving dinner?"

Casey pretended not to hear me.

"Baked Hamhuis!" I answered myself happily.

"Shouldn't you be writing your paper?" Casey asked.

"And you know what the Red Wings had for Thanksgiving dessert?" I continued. "Chocolate Maltby!"

At that point, Casey pretended like he was going to eat my nose so I would be quiet, so I stopped.

Besides, I couldn't think of any more NHL players whose names related to food.


Anonymous said...

Can't think of any food ones. But what did the security guard do to the rowdy 'Hawks fan?

Toews 'em!


L said...

Well, I thought they were funny. I laughed out loud actually. It was a little embarrassing. I'm a sucker for puns.