Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy Painful New Year

So far in 2009, I have managed to be sick. That's pretty much it.

It all started on Tuesday, 12/30. I've been feeling tired and cold all the time, and really, when I think about it, it has been getting steadily worse over the last couple of years or so, so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to have my thyroid checked. I called and made an appointment for Friday afternoon. Well, apparently a number of germs took this as an invitation, because by the time Friday afternoon came around, I had come down with:

  • tonsilitis
  • a urinary tract infection
  • my period (not that the period is caused by germs, of course, but it certainly doesn't help me feel any better)
I was kind of disappointed with the doctor's response to my hypothyroid concerns. I made this long involved list of symptoms, and she just sort of rolled her eyes and asked if I got it off the internet. Well, excuuuuuuse me for trying to be an informed patient. The problem is that with the insurance I have, I have to use the clinic at the University, so I don't have a doctor that's really MY doctor-- I'm just assigned to whomever is available. I had hoped to see Dr. H or Dr. M, who have done right by me before, but instead I got Dr. P, with whom this was my first visit. I was not impressed.

Anyway, she did order the bloodwork for hypothyroid tests, along with a blood count and a metabolic panel. She is thorough, I'll give her that.

She also gave me a prescription for Bactrim to knock out the tonsilitis and the UTI. When I got my pills home and got ready to take one, I almost fainted. They are this big!!!!
(Sorry it's such a bad picture, but the pill is next to a dime for scale.) Why would anyone give a pill that size to someone with a sore throat?!? I had to cut it in half to take it. I've managed to choke down two days worth now (three days to go), and I'm feeling somewhat better. I did sleep all day today, though. I plan on doing much the same tomorrow. I'm sick, I get to do that. Illness has its privileges.


martie said...

We have the same sort of bugs floating around up here tring to catch us. Hubby has been caught, but so far, I think I'm runnig fast enough. Hope you feel better soon my dear. Hugs

Laurita said...

Hope you're feeling better now. Those pills are huge! The doctor must have had you confused with the giant that came to her with tonsillitis.

Mental_Pictures said...

I hope you feel better really soon.

Indulge yourself in some way if you can, new books or a special treat.