Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oh, holy song!

Well, I went to church this morning, and I sang my songs. Even the one I was nervous/excited about. What a great song that was! I felt while doing it that the room was swallowing my sound; it's a very different sound to practice there on Tuesdays when the place is empty, or to sing to a friend in my living room.

I don't feel I did as well as I could have done. My voice felt strained as I tried to sing loudly enough for everyone to hear, and I missed a line and had to try to pass it off as if I'd done it on purpose. Still, even the people in the back could hear me, and people echoed in the right places, and little kids were dancing and clapping along. My wee brother informed me afterwards that I absolutely must try out for musicals.

I prayed before the song started, that the Holy Spirit be with me and make this song into something which is an acceptable offering to God and an acceptable gift to the church. This is my sacrifice-- my nervous self-consciousness, my awkwardness, and the song that I will sing as best as I am able.

It was not perfect. But it was acceptable, and it and I fulfilled our purposes this morning.


EscapedCatChild said...

Beautiful! Wonderous! Magnificent! Delightful! And just for the Lord...

When you sing and sing and sing, then at the very last it's your turn to lead, it's only natural that your voice will be rather strained by then. Especially if you couldn't get a drink of water.

With you and the Lord working on it together, I'm sure it was beautiful. Wish I could have been there...;)

Tirithien said...

I told you it would go well. You sing as an angel of Light. :-) I can sing well, but I seem as a rough, gravelly nobody compared to your sweet sound.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

You sing as an angel of Light.

Do angels of Light turn bright red when they get such compliments? Because that's what I just did. :-)

Tirithien said...

They may. :-)