Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Who is Bainwen?

My best friend gave me the name Bainwen. He told me it was derived from one of Tolkien's Elvish languages, and that it means "beautiful light." I'm not as sure this fits me as he seems to be, but he assures me that it's a direct translation of my real name, Jenny. (I'd always thought that Jennifer/Jenny was from Welsh and meant "white spirit" or "white lady," but apparently there's also an Irish derivation which speaks of beautiful light.

His Elvish translation of his own name is Tirithien, meaning "vigilant," and this does truly fit him.

Tirithien and Bainwen! Can't you imagine a ballad about them? The companions who stand close in some ancient moonlit wood, singing to each other softly, or speaking of anything and everything, or perhaps just resting together in silence? Defending each other against evil and attack? Sharing beautiful dreams?

It is a great comfort to know that while I do have to be out in the world and all its prosaic reality, that I see as Bainwen would see, think as Bainwen would think; and thus I may walk in poetry and beauty.


Tirithien said...

Ah, Bainwen, my light... :-)

We fight together. Now and always. We fight, then we rest in each other's arms. :-)

Bougie Black Boy said...

Yours is so delicately written, while mine is all evil and forceful! I guess that's why I'm a man. Long live DolphinBoy