Saturday, August 27, 2005

Soul Friends

A completely fictional and hypothetical account of Creation, souls, and why sometimes you feel like you already know someone you've just met.

As the Creator forged the Universe, protons and electrons forming their stately dance of order, cosmic dust coalescing to form all that is seen and unseen, it was all neatly packed away into one tiny infinitesimal speck. The speck quivered with anticipation; infinite potential and infinite beauty in that impossibly small point of Being, waiting.

Upon this speck, at last, the Creator breathed, and the speck lived. Outward, rushing, everything beyond everything, carried outward and brought at last into full Being by the force of the Creator's breath.

Now, within that speck of infinity, the Creator had also placed souls. These were droplets of the Creator's own self: some in pairs, some in groups, some alone, but all connected to each other and all connected to the Creator. When the speck burst into the full bloom of its life, the souls also rushed outward, with all the matter and energy, the Creator's eyes upon the created Universe.

The souls split apart in that headlong rush into Being, and ever since, they have traveled the Paths of Shadow, dancing between matter, beyond energy. They dance in that outward spiral, ever questing for the way Home to the Creator, and ever seeking those other souls with whom they were born.

They do not wish to travel alone as they dance the hidden spiral, these souls, and so age after age, life after life, they seek out their mates, over and over again. The Creator loves these souls, these children created, and so they are blessed that eventually, they do find the one they seek. Ages, millennia, countless lives it may take, but what is time to a soul? Decades might pass in the blink of a soul's eye, and they are cut loose from life once again. Yet once they find that One, the soul with whom they were created so carefully, they are not separated again. They go on, age after age, life after life, on the Spiral Path where souls might walk, hand-in-hand dancing their way Home.


clew said...

Great piece, Bainwen! As you know I've been doing a lot of thinking about this very thing myself. :) I love your take on it!

Always enjoy visiting here ~

Bougie Black Boy said...

I think I have to post our collaboration poem with the "mystery" line we never knew who added.

Tirithien said...

I rather like this. :-) Excellent.

Naneth said...

Wow! You never cease to amaze me!
Very, very nice. :o)

C said...