Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Things I Never Thought I’d Say

You know how sometimes you’ll just be having an ordinary conversation, and you’ll say something that makes perfect sense in the context of that conversation, but would seem more than a little strange if taken on its own? A string of words is coming out of your mouth, and it’s truly bizarre, yet somehow it fits? That seems to have happened to me a lot over the past few months. I thought maybe I would share some of these phrases with you, without any of their explanatory context, just so you can see how insane random passers-by might think I am! Here are 10 of them.

1. Why is there an action figure in the freezer?
2. No, you can’t use the dog dishes as shoes.
3. Well, um, there was this badger….
4. Oh, yeah, some of my best friends are sea otters.
5. You mean, I’m supposed to enjoy it?
6. You know, tomatoes are completely overrated.
7. Why are my keys in the freezer?
8. Oh, so that’s what possums look like before they get hit by cars!
9. No, we are not naming the dog Satan!
10. Excuse me, where are the naked mole rats?


Tirithien said...

I like it! :-) So, there was a badger...

Bainwen Gilrana said...

There was a badger, and there were naked mole rats, and there were lots of other things....

And there were things I discovered I actually enjoyed after thinking I'd simply have to tolerate them at best.

clew said...

A peculiar one I say a lot lately: "Sniff check!"

Tirithien said...

So it's not normal for 9 full-grown adults to excitedly ask anyone with a Zoo uni where the naked mole rats are? :-p