Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dreams of the Ordinary

Normally my dreams are very strange. I dream of myself as a hero or a seeker of lost truths, an explorer, a defender, or I dream of the magical child who may one day be my son. I dream of stories to be told, of myself as other beings, and of great triumphs. There's very often an epic feel to my dreams, a sense that my spirit has been wandering through an enchanted realm while my body slept peacefully.

Lately, though, my dreams have been most... ordinary. I have been dreaming dreams of children to raise, a dog to care for, a home and a garden to tend, and a loving and beloved husband to help me with all of it. Does it seem pedestrian? Dull? Far too ordinary when compared to my usual dreamset?

Oddly, it does not. In these dreams of what could be mundane, there are still stories to be told. There is still a sense of the epic. My dream-children have magic in their beings, and my dream-husband sees in me a weaver of enchantments, while I see in him a hero and warrior.

In this seemingly-ordinary dreamscape my subconscious has crafted for me, of cleaning spills, pulling weeds, and pushing the children on the swings, to my surprise and slight chagrin, I have found wonder-- strange and beautiful wonder where I never thought to see it.

So today, Thanksgiving Day, I offer my thanks for all the ordinary, beautiful things of my life-- the potatoes I will peel for dinner, the warmth of the water in my shower, my guinea pig's soft fur, my brother's laugh when we tell jokes the rest of the family doesn't understand, the gentle strength of my boyfriend's embrace, and all the other things that make up the words, melodies, and harmonies of the song my life sings.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Tirithien said...

Sometimes, in the most seemingly mundane, you can see the most beautiful things. :-)

Bougie Black Boy said...

hmmmm.... very nicely worded! :)

Rebecca said...

Beautiful post.
It truly is the simple things in life that are the most beautiful.

Hope you had a lovely holiday... :)

martie said...

There are no ordinary things or times in raising children.....and children are full of "dreams" if soneone will take the time to listen. Perhaps your dreams are wishes yet to come true!

I always enjoy stopping by your blog! You have a way of putting things into words that most lack. Thank you.