Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hollow Halloween

Halloween is usually a huge deal for my family. We actually get together at my aunt’s house, since she is in the neighborhood most conducive to trick-or-treating. (There are actual sidewalks!) Usually I will take my brother trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for awhile, and he will split the candy with me. (Last year he thought he was too old to go, but this year he decided he didn’t like that and he was going to go again!)

My mom and brother are absolutely mad about Halloween. They usually have very elaborate decorations up, they will have sound effects tapes playing to scare the trick-or-treaters, and they just enjoy themselves thoroughly.

This year, though, my mom was too injured to play. She fell in the garage and really messed up her back and knees, so she couldn’t even make it to my aunt’s.

My brother did have a very cool costume—he and his friend dressed up as “Living Dead Dolls,” which I think are hugely creepy, but they love them, so I guess that’s the important thing. I took them around the neighborhood in search of treats—no tricks on MY watch, thank you very much!

We made it about two blocks from home base before I tripped on a gigantic root in someone’s yard. I stepped with my left foot part on and part off this root I hadn’t seen. My foot twisted up, my ankle gave out, and I fell. Couldn’t just stumble and rebalance, oh, no, I had to actually fall, right splat on my knees. It was such a sudden sharp pain that I felt a wave of dizziness and nausea hit me, but I was able to shake that off and not puke in this stranger’s yard.

My brother was slightly panicky. “Are you all right???? Should we go get help????”

I was muttering curses at my clumsiness in German. (I guess I hoped they wouldn’t realize I was swearing.) But I told him to calm down, I’d be fine, I just needed to stretch the ankle out some. And that did work enough for me to hobble back to my aunt’s house. My uncle took over the chaperone duties, and I sat on the porch to hand out candy to the little ghosties and goblins.

There were hardly any kids out at all. It was actually kind of eerie. I remember when I was a kid (and it wasn’t really THAT long ago!) that there would have been TONS of kids out. We’d have been tripping over each other instead of over roots. But there were just a few. The weather was nice enough—a few raindrops, but it was warm out.

So all-in-all, kind of a disappointing Halloween. My ankle is sore and my knees are bruised up.

Maybe I’d feel better if I went and got some of the Reeses Cups out of my brother’s candy stash.


naive-no-more said...

How's your ankle today? Should you get it checked out? You know, one of the signs of a break is nausea. Don't ask me how I know!

At any rate, if it isn't better I think you should go. Why don't you pick Clew up on your way and make her go too. Better yet, I'll come get you both and force you to go! I'm older, so I win.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Goodness, I'm being mothered by random blog friends! *lol*

But my uncle is an EMT, and he checked it over and deemed me unsprained and unbroken. It's just a little sore. I'll be fine. Honest. :-)

(I almost always get a wave of nausea if I have a sudden sharp pain, so I didn't think anything of that.)

martie said...

I certainly hope your ankle and knee(s) feel better soon.

I remember a Halloween that my sister and I were out trick-r-treating and she tripped on a root, fell on a pumpkin (squashed it) and injured her ankle. The next day she was in the ER for x-rays. Luckily it was just a bad sprain.

Tirithien said...

I checked it over last night- she's right. It's just achy. :-)

Hope you feel better now, my kola.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

It's fine today... well, still a little achy, but fine. Thank you all for asking about it. :-)

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Bainwen Gilrana said...

That email address is showing as invalid when I try to mail you.

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clew said...

Hi Bainwen! SLOWLY making the rounds again ... I am so with you about Halloween being different than it used to be ~ I was even thinking about posting something about it myself but never got around to it. I sometimes wonder if it's just our mind smudging the past into something a little more Normal Rockwellesque than it actually was ... but I really don't think so. It truly was different when we were kids.

Hope your ankle's better!