Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Neighborhood Weirdness

So, aside from my now-released-from-jail neighbor who stands at his window and stares at me every time I am outside, and the drunk woman with the abusive boyfriend who keeps begging to use my cell phone, we can now welcome Slurring Late Night Wanderer to the neighborhood pantheon.

About 1:00 AM Monday morning, I heard banging on my door. (My door shares a common porch with three other apartments.) Very, very weird. So I got up and went to the door, thinking there was maybe an emergency. The following is a dramatic re-enactment of that night:

Me: Who's there?
Man: One of your nearby neighbors.
Me: I am not opening this door.
Man: Please, ma'am, I just need some change so I can catch the bus to go see my poor sick uncle.
Me: There is no bus service on this road. GO AWAY, or I am calling the police.
Man: Oh, okay, ma'am. Sorry to bother you.

I really need a new place to live.


martie said...

Wow, you are so right! You really need to find a new place....SOON! Hope that happens for you.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

If all goes well I should actually be out within a couple of months. (Squee!)

Beth said...

We have a bunch of people at work all moving into new places close to the same time, so we've been thinking about doing a giant housewarming party crawl. Maybe we can add you to the itinerary! :)

Seriously that does sound scary - glad you're getting out of there soon!

nosthegametoo said...

Sounds like a terrible annoyance.

Tirithien said...

You'll find somewhere more hospitable, I'm sure. :-)