Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Passing Through Nohio

Today after work, my apartment hunting begins! Not in any great detail yet, but I have a nice list of apartments for which I'm going to go look at and investigate the neighborhoods and such. The point of actually taking apartment tours and filling out applications will come later.

The scary part?

All the apartments on my list are in Ohio.


Clearly, something is wrong with me. ;-)

Oh, and by the way, there is a narrow strip of land between the "Welcome to Michigan" and "Welcome to Ohio" signs on I-75. To whom does this belong? It's not in any state! Is it the width of the border line painted on maps? Anyway, it has now been named "Nohio."


naive-no-more said...

LOL, I've wondered the same thing about this mysterious no-man's land strip between the state signs. Certain I was the only one, I've never mentioned it. Now, I think I'll bring it up to everyone I know.

Good luck with the apartment hunting.

egan said...

One of us! One of us! One of us!

Beth said...

Have fun with the apartment-hunting! I hope you find a great place, free from crackheads and from the necessity of wearing your parka year-round. That must get so tiresome. ;)

Tirithien said...

*joins in monotone chorus*

One of us... one of us... ;-)

Bainwen Gilrana said...

I don't know why you guys keep thinking that living in Ohio will make me an Ohioan... :-p

And what would one do if a crime was committed in Nohio? Whose state cops do you call? It's so horribly inbetween. I wonder if one should hold one's breath when passing through it, like crossing a bridge or driving past a graveyard.

Beth, I'll still have to wear a parka at least 10 months out of the year. I'm only moving about 50 miles south. But even that will be a nice break. ;-)

Anyway, there is a very nice apartment complex I like very much, which has very reasonable prices, right in the area I want. Now to wait for whole bunches of things to fall into place so I can take action...

Aithne said...

Hope the apartment hunting went well. I pass through Nohio tomorow. Wish me luck!

martie said...

Good luck and I hope everything falls into place for you and you get the apartment you want!!