Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Holiday Odds and Ends

My boss gave me a small Christmas gift—a little silver ornament shaped like an apple, with different color crystals on it. It’s very cute. But the odd thing is that when I thanked her for it, she beamed and said, “As soon as I saw it I thought of you!” Huh? I mean, I don’t really make the connection between me and an apple. I’m not a teacher. I don’t eat a bunch of apples. I do usually make apple crisp for company potlucks, but that’s maybe twice a year. It’s very strange.
Yesterday I had a rather pathetic experience. I had choir practice earlier than usual last night, so I figured I wouldn’t go all the way home in-between work and choir, but would instead stop at the mall and get the Christmas Armadillo for my brother (I think this is probably the kind of gift we will wind up passing back and forth for years), and then get a little bit to eat before practice. So the Armadillo was obtained, and I decided I wanted one of those big soft pretzels. With cheese sauce. Yummy! The pretzel place had a deal where you could get the pretzel and a 32-ounce pop for … um … I forget how much. But it was cheaper than buying them separately. I was sitting on a bench, enjoying my pretzel, but when I went to pick up my pop, I discovered that apparently the lid didn’t fit the cup exactly right. I wound up wearing about 16 ounces of pop. Yuck! Most of it got on my coat, so at least I didn’t have to feel that cold stickiness right next to my skin, but some got on my jeans, in my hair, and on my glasses.

Pop is not easy to clean off of glasses. And of course I can’t just throw my coat in the washing machine; it has to be dry cleaned! And this is going to be a trick, seeing as how it’s too bloody cold to go without it while it’s being cleaned! Argh. Maybe I can get some of that Dryel and borrow my mom’s or auntie’s dryer.

On the plus side, choir practice went well, in spite of it being the last rehearsal before Christmas Eve. (Most years, this entails much wailing and gnashing of teeth.) I have a solo for Christmas Eve, too—“O Holy Night.” Only the most beautiful Christmas song ever!

I have all my Christmas shopping done. At least I think so. None of the gifts are wrapped, though; they’re all strewn about my apartment still in the shopping bags. I don’t have to work on Friday, though, so guess what I’ll be doing! Unlike Clew's experiences, wrapping paper and I tend not to get along. I usually tape myself to a package at least once. *sigh* But soon it will all be done. I still have Christmas cookies to make, too!


clew said...

I will gladly wrap your gifts in trade for some of those cookies ... :D

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Come on up! I will have chocolate chip cookies and chocolate-raspberry chip cookies. Oh, and apple crisp too! And there are plenty of gifts to be wrapped. ;-)

Or I could trade you some cookies for some of those chocolate buckeyes... er, I mean, chocolate chestnuts. :-P

naive-no-more said...

You don't have to tell me what a pain it is to clean sticky pop. Remember the "william tell dance" story? I rest my case.

Sounds like you took it in stride though and it didn't damper your festive mood.

I think I'm closer than Clew, so can I come for goodies too?

martie said...

I do wish we could hear you sing "O Holy Night". It is a very beautiful song and I'm sure you sing beautifully too!

I think I'll just hitch a ride along with naive-no-more when she comes down for the goodies, okay with you? We'll make it a real party! Naive can bring her hot-spiced-wine!

clew said...

Actually ... I bet Bainwen's house is roughly a halfway point for us, ladies. I think we should have regular parties there! You don't mind, do you, Bainwen? If you aren't going to be home, don't worry - we'd miss you but - just leave a key under the mat.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

If you all think my studio apartment is an appropriate place for a party, come on over! Or you can wait until I have a bit bigger place and we can have a proper Blog Party. We'll even convince Stephen to come out from New York!

Tirithien said...

I'll handle the food, and we can party. :-)

You'll sound great with your solo, my kola. I promise. :-)

clew said...

Hey B,

I just posted a Buckeye recipe ... I know you're excited! ;)

Merry Christmas! XOXO

Naneth said...

Oh, dear Bainwen, you didn't even mention your coat or your "pathetic" mishap! No fun!!! Of course you may use my dryer, or I shall be happy to loan you a coat if you prefer to have it dry-cleaned.

The cookies are to die for, they are so delicious, as is the apple crisp! I think you should bake each and every one of your friends here some cookies immediately and send them right away! (Ha ha...oh, dear, you're not laughing?)

The Christmas Armadillo reminded us of Ross as the Holiday Armadillo on "Friends", and that is what baby brother is calling it. I shall take a close-up of it so you may share your excellent find! P.S. I love the picture of your tree! I must come over to see it. xoxoxo