Thursday, December 29, 2005

More Dreaming

“My child, my love, I need your voice. I need your words. They have forgotten the truth. Tell it to them.”

So has spoken the Being of Light in my dream. For two nights in a row now.

The first time I woke full of trembling.

The second time I woke sobbing with loneliness.

Why can’t I just have normal dreams?

I don’t even know why I’m posting this, except that I feel like I’m about to fly apart and need some place to put the story.

Those of you readers who pray, please pray for clarity for me. I am in sore need of it.


clew said...

You got it, friend.

Happy New Year XOXOXO

Tirithien said...

You have, and will always have, anything I can give, my kola.

Bougie Black Boy said...

hmmm.... I got my own ideas... But you knew that already. . . And, more importantly, I'll just leave it with you by saying, " the truth is within yourself"....

We both know what it means, you just don't think you're ready. Knowing you longer than anyone else on here, almost. It's 2006, Logic is nothing, intuition is stronger.

clew said...

Hey - off topic - I wanted to tell you the Hub and I went to see Narnia today. We loved it :)

Back on topic - Stephen summed it up perfectly - as usual ;D. Sounds like he's thinking what I'm thinking but I didn't know if I really knew you well enough to be properly thinking that is what it was ...

Ugh, I'm babbling.

Happy New Year (again)!

Bainwen Gilrana said...

*brain explodes from trying to follow Clew's sentence*


I'm doing a lot better than I was when I posted that original entry. I guess there are some things that need to be explored rather carefully. There have been a LOT of weird dreams over the past couple of years, ones of entirely different quality than my ordinary dreams. I think I will post them some time and let you all get a look at the weird things that go on inside my head.

Thank you, all. And happy New Year!

martie said...

Glad to hear that you are doing better! I will still keep you in my prayers....I find it strange the way my blog friends have become so real to me! Happy New Year!

naneth said...

My prayers for you come from deep within my heart and my soul. I do not want you to be confused. I will pray, light candles, and continue to pray for my precious daughter. I love you.

naive-no-more said...

Confusion and clarity are but a fraction of a second apart. If you look at the problem, the answer is blurred, but when you look past it, it becomes clear.