Monday, December 05, 2005

Sniffle, sigh, ack.

Okay, I'm home!

And my sinuses officially hate me for dragging them back north! I had SUCH a miserable headache today. I seem to be readjusting to northern-ness, though. The headache is faded.

I really had a great time in Florida. The best parts were when my Baby Brother and I would run off on our own for awhile. Whee, rides! We went on Space Mountain four times!

It's funny, but when I was a kid, I was actually scared of rides like that. Now when Baby Brother says, "Let's do it again!" I say, "Okay!" And then we run around in Tomorrowland hiding behind walls and humming the Mission:Impossible theme.

I think I'm actually a 10-year-old in an adult's body.

I will have some pictures to share once I get hold of my mom's digital camera and upload them, and some more details about the trip once I get them sorted out from the fragments in my travel journal. There's plenty of good stuff, including Baby Brother breaking the bus, and me getting stopped by airport security. Yikes! Stay tuned!


clew said...

WELCOME BACK! Sounds like you had a great time! The Hub and I are counting the moments till Incrediboy's old enough to enjoy Disneyworld. We can't wait to go back and share the MAGIC!

Bougie Black Boy said...

welcome back,. you've been missed.
btw, you need to let everyone know that your baby brother, is HUGE now. LOL

Tirithien said...

Welcome home, my love. :-)

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Okay, I will fess to that. Baby Brother is 3 inches taller than I am and outweighs me by about 35 pounds! And he's only 14! He was just barely shorter than I am back in May, and now he's a moose of a boy. But he's still Baby Brother, and doesn't even bother to protest this fact. :-)

naneth said...

Yes, long gone are the days when I could carry Bainwen OR Baby Brother on my shoulder when they were tired. Now they tire me out! I usually ended up back at the hotel room a full two hours before they were ready to call it a day. What's nice about that is, that I was able to abandon them at the parks and not have to face the feds for it. I miss my little ones, but growing up is good too.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

Baby Brother always seemed too heavy to carry around. I'm not sure why he always seemed heavier than Baby Cousin did when she was at the same size, but he did!

naive-no-more said...

WELCOME BACK! Glad you had a good time.

Sure hope your sinuses straighten out for you. I've been miserable with mine for two weeks now. I've gone from stuffy to an extremely sore neck and ear problems. Not fun!