Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Highly Unusual Wedding

The bride was gorgeous, tall and elegant, her ivory satin gown dressed with tasteful amounts of lace and pearls, her veil draped just so over her dark curls. The bridesmaids were nearly as beautiful: dark wine-colored gowns, sleek and stylish, their hair just right, smiling gracefully for the bride's happiness. The look on the groom's face spoke of such joy, such wonder! He and his friends were all so very handsome in their charcoal-gray tuxedos, just the right color to coordinate with the bridesmaid's dresses. The guests were all well-dressed, laughing, congratulating the happy couple. It could have been a perfect wedding party, models staging a shoot for some bridal magazine for young girls to read and dream of their own big days.

But they looked utterly out of place going through the food line at the family-style buffet restaurant Saturday night.

They all seemed happy, though, and I guess that's the important thing!


naneth said...

Oh, my! :oD

Tirithien said...

That was insane. *laughs*