Monday, February 27, 2006

The Interactive LED Sign

Someone over on the message board posted this link, and I don't have much to wrote about today (other than to crow that FIVE of my Red Wings will be coming home from Turin with gold medals/CDs, thanks to Sweden's 3-2 win over Finland yesterday), so I will share with you all!

This is the Interactive LED Sign. This guy has this sign set up in his basement so that when you type things in to the webform, they will appear on the sign, which you can then see on his webcams.

For example, you can advertise for your favorite message board:
You can declare yourself to be royalty:
You can give strange, obscure shout-outs to your blog friends:
Or you can declare your love in true adolescent-style:

Admittedly, some people using the sign will make offensive and painfully ignorant comments. Also, sometimes you have to try a few times and wait for a few refreshes to get your message to pop up, and if you want to save the image, you have to click on it fast. Still, it can provide hours of at-home fun! Well, minutes, at least. :-)


Aithne said...

Someone has too much time on her hands! :p

Bougie Black Boy said...

That is absolutely hilarious. Gotta check that out

naive-no-more said...

Now I know it says "Queen of Hockey", but at first glance, I read "Queen of Nookey" even though that would have been mispelled.

Hmmm, where is my mind?

Tirithien said...

Dare I mention the sign you posted on Saturday night? :-o

Bainwen Gilrana said...

No way. My mama reads this blog! :-P

naneth said...

What rhymes with orange????

naneth said...

Did you see Homer's face when he got the medal?!!! All those beatings finally paid off! I felt like a proud Mama Wing. I'm proud of everyone that went.

Should we go cheer up Chelly?

clew said...

You are too funny :D

Yourrrrrrrr Majesty ... (Bugs Bunny reference - Rabbit Hood)