Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Job Search: Mission Accomplished

My job searching has actually been successful—to an extent. I was contacted by a company who wants me to do telemarketing work from home. Now, telemarketing sucks, I can’t deny this. But there’s certainly something to be said for being able to earn money while wearing my flannel pajamas. No commuting or anything, which is good, because my town is kind of isolated from the rest of Metro Detroit. 15 hours a week, all evenings, no weekends (unless I want them), so it will fit in well with my full time job. I just have to download and install their dialing software, learn some material, and I’m good to go.

The problem, though, is that my schedule is partially predetermined, at least until I prove myself. For example, I have to work on Tuesday nights. But… choir practice is Tuesday nights! But I’m in such a state as to not have much choice in the matter at this point, so I accepted the job and didn’t argue.

Which means I was rather unhappy going to practice last night, figuring it would be my last one for awhile, and that this Sunday would be my last Sunday in a choir robe for quite some time.

When I told them what was going on, though, they pointed out that I was a really quick study with the music and I could be fine just practicing with them during the Sunday morning warm-ups an hour before service and learning the pieces on my own, if I was willing to. The organist even volunteered to work with me on Saturday afternoons if some of the parts were extra-tricky.

So I have a new job to start very soon. And I’m still a choir member. And I even get to be the cantor this Sunday, for the Great Litany we do every year on the first Sunday of Lent. It’s very grand; I get to sing/chant all these phrases, and the congregation has to respond. And it’s very LONG! I’m surprised the director entrusted it to anyone else, actually; she sang it herself last year.

Tuesday was very good to me this week. : -)


Sensual Demoness said...

Singing is a most pure form of prayer. The one thing I hate about being pagan is the lack of hymns, and I haven't the skills to create new ones!

naneth said...

Wow, why didn't I see this before? I'm so glad you can stay in the choir. It wouldn't be the same without you.

It's wonderful that you get to be the Cantor. I cannot imagine them trusting it to anyone but you! You sing like an Angel.