Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Life Without a Message Board

For Lent, I am taking the time I would ordinarily spend on the snopes message board and devoting it instead to writing. No more snoping for me until Easter! Now, the plan, of course, is that I will write deep, meaningful, theological things that can someday become a book.

I have a feeling, though, that instead I'm going to wind up with a LOT of random blog entries. So get used to seeing rather odd things in this space!


Tirithien said...

I'll stand with you, my kola. 40 days without for me, as well.

Marrya, the temptress said...

Mad, mad, you're all [both] mad.
And, anyway, aren't you supposed to abstain from whatever you're abstaining from on Sundays? Otherwise your Lenten period will be more than 40 days, and that would just be wrong :D